Create or customize your sandal

TSK has 40 different hi-quality leather hides in stock for ladies sandals. Please pick a style, color and size. You can also put two colors together.

Please submit your order either
  • by EMAIL
  • by text message to 1.403.998.1482
  • by phone call to 1.403.998.1482 or 1.403.637.3823

The price for your special order is depending on your choice of leather and style. Each order will be custom hand made and shipped.

Prices start at CAD 145.00 and up.

Below we give you an idea what is possible with our sandals. The rest is your creativity!

More available possibilities to make our sandals even more comfortable for you:

Bottom and Upper different sizes CAD 10.00
Longer and shorter straps on buckles or Velcro styles CAD 10.00
Deerskin Leather lining on styles they usually would have no lining CAD 25.00
Special Calfskin Leather lining non-alergic and especially designed for diabetic people on styles they usually would have no lining CAD 25.00
Additional flower stamps on shoe upper no cost
Mis-Matched pair (different sole sizes) CAD 40.00
Replace outer soles CAD 40.00

Please add the above prices to the price of your choosen sandal.

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